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A SORDID TALE: Dino Melaye’s reckless violent life, beats wife to pulp at will, puts a gun to her head…all the dirty details!

December 16, 2013

hocking and unimaginable exposee has been made of Anti-Corruption Secretary and former Kogi State lawmaker, Otunba Dino Melaye. Report says Dino Melaye’s 10-year-old marriage to his wife Tokunbo has crashed and the wife is presently filing for divorce.
According to StellaDimokokorkus Blog, the issue of domestic violence started long ago in the home of the Melaye’s. It was said that the couple had lots of problems and each time they had an argument, Dino would descend heavily on his wife and beat her seriously till she gets rushed to the hospital and get treated for all kinds of injuries.
It was also said that aside from allegedly sleeping with his house girl which was one of the major cause of the couple’s several misunderstanding, there were also confirmed whispers that sometimes when Tokunbo went to work he removed her pix from the house walls and brought in different women in their matrimonial bed telling them his wife had died,and even getting the domestic staff to say their madam was resting with the Lord”.
It was gathered that Dino Melaye’s tale of wife battery started about 9-years ago, investgation shows that there are police records stating some reported instances of domestic violence. Tokunbo was said to be five months pregnant with her second son when the beatings began, she was rushed to Zanlin hospital in 2005 at exactly 10pm and was treated for injuries on the head after been hit with an iron rod by the huband the source said.
In October 2010,she was rushed to Wuse general hospital by the police themselves after she ran in her bloodied nightgown with deep cuts on her arms,the report says Dino used a plank to flog her aiming for the head but she used her arms to protect herself and ended up with deep deep cuts that needed emergency room attention.
On September 25,2013 Tokunbo and Dino had an argument and he pulled a silver pistol to her head and was seconds away from pulling the rigger when his ringing phone distracted him,she took off leaving behind her shoes.she has filed for divorce and wants custody of the kids but she has not been allowed to see them or have any contact with them.
Insiders say on that september 25th morning the altercation which led to Dino pulling out his gun had to do with a dressing gown in the wardrobe belonging to Dino,his wife attempted to put it on and the law maker refused telling her that all the dressing gowns and perfumes he had were gifts from his girlfriends and he did not buy them with money. The wife allegedly retorted by saying she could as well accept gift from male friends and Dino exploded accusing his wife of referring to her ex boyfriend and asking her to leave his house,he pointed a gun to her head and the drama ended with the wife running to the police station to report to the commissioner of police and escorted back to the house with five policemen who came to search for the gun with a warrant of arrest.
Dino was invited to the police headquarters and the same warrant of arrest later surface online claiming he had been arrested because of the Stella Oduah corruption case he was previously arrested for, he was said to have sacked three of his domestic staff thereafter because they were acting as spy for the wife and updating her on the whereabouts and well being of her three kids. Source says Dino has 10 cars but would seize all the car keys and force his wife to either trek or take public transport whenever the duo are having confrontational issues. It was stated that should the wife return home after 7pm then she must be ready to sleep outside till Dino returns by 1am which is his usual time and the beating would continue thereafter.
Different versions on why the marriage crashed has also emerged from the camp of Dino Melaye.
The first version is that ”he caught her twice with her ex,he warned her the first time but divorced her when he caught her again”
The second whispers is that ”he caught her whispering on the phone with her ex and he asked her why she was talking to him and she shouted at him that she would not only speak with him but would f#*k him as well”
The third version is that ”Tokunbo allegedly collected money from Stella oduah and planted cocaine in the house and then went to report to police to search the house.Some say it was cocaine she planted,others say it was guns”
Concerned friends of both couple are running helper skelter to ensure that they settle well and the kids returned to their mother who is presently living alone.
FIDA,an international body for female lawyers has also been brought into the matter to fight for the rights of the estranged Mrs Melaye who in her divorce petition is asking for full custody of the three children who have been seized from her.
On the other hand,the Lawyer representing Mr Melaye is asking for custody rights of the children as well.
Below is part of the reasons stated on the petition filed by Mrs Tokunbo Melaye (PETITIONER) asking for divorce from Mr Dino Melaye.(RESPONDENT)
1. The facts relied on by the petitioner as constituting the ground specified above is as follows;
a. That in the course of the marriage the Respondent has behaved in such ways that the Petitioner cannot reasonably be expected to live with the Respondent, the particulars of such behaviour is as follows;
b. That the Respondent is a habitual and instinctive liar who lies to the Petitioner on every available opportunity. Instances and/or particulars of needless lies often told by the Respondent are as stated below;
i. On many occasions the Respondent lies that he is travelling for business or political reasons only to be sighted around town in the midst of women of easy virtue.
ii. At the very initial stage of the marriage, sometime around 2003, the Respondent lied that he was on a business errand to the United Kingdom and South Africa and abandoned the matrimonial home for weeks only to come back without any exit stamps on his International passport.
iii. In the course of the marriage, the Respondent usually introduces himself to other women either as a widower or a divorcee.
iv. Any challenge to veracity of cheap lies of the Respondent leads to violent reaction of the Respondent.
c. The Respondent abandons the Petitioner and Children of the union in the matrimonial home for days without any explanation about his where about and when he stays around, he keeps late night and when he comes back home early hours of the morning, any complaint by the Petitioner earned her slaps and blows.
d. The Respondent is rash and unpredictable.
e. The Respondent, a very violent and wicked person, is a serial wife beater. The particulars and/or instances of violence and wickedness by the Respondent against the Petitioner are as stated below;
i. During the co-habitation of the parties at DASAB Property in Maitama, Abuja, the Respondent once beat up the Petitioner who was 5 months pregnant for the fact that the Petitioner queried his late night outings.
ii. During the co-habitation at Zone 6, Wuse, Abuja, the Respondent broke the nose of the Petitioner by inflicting a vicious blow on the nose of the Petitioner. The extensive damage done to the nose required medical care and plastic/reconstructive surgery to be corrected.
iii. Also at the same Zone 6 residence, the Respondent on one occasion beat the Petitioner with metal rod and on another occasion with an Air conditioner connecting wire. On both occasions the brutality led to the hospitalization of the Petitioner.
iv. During the co-habitation at Owando Street, Wuse, during the term of the Respondent as a Federal Legislator at the House of Representatives, in 2008, the Respondent used a wooden side stool to deal a violent blow on the knee of the Petitioner.
v. In 2009, while the Petitioner was browsing on her laptop after one of the usual domestic quarrels, the Respondent suddenly and without any warning to the Petitioner, snatched the laptop from the Petitioner and smashed same on the Petitioner’s head.
vi. On the 23rd December, 2009, the Respondent beat up the Petitioner and in the course of doing so, in a moment of mad rage and recklessness of the Respondent, the Respondent threw the Petitioner against the wall not minding the fact that she was carrying the 1 month old baby Ruth Gbotemi Melaye. The baby hit her head against the wall and sustained injury to head.
vii. Despite the fact that the Respondent knew of the injury his reckless act caused to the baby, he abandoned the matrimonial home and was nowhere to be found until the 3rd January, 2010.
Viii. On the 1st of October, 2010, sometime between 8pm and 11pm, the Respondent, during a domestic quarrel, smashed a wooden plank on the head and hands of the Petitioner and subsequently chased her out of the matrimonial home.
f. The Respondent inflicts mental, psychological and emotional torture on the Petitioner and rains oral abuses on her at will in the course of the marriage, the particulars of which are stated below;
i. Upon the slightest irritation or annoyance, the Respondent takes the children of the marriage out of the matrimonial home for days without the consent or knowledge of the Petitioner in order to deprive the Petitioner access to the children whom he knows she loves so much.
ii. On the 3rd day of January, 2010, after the quarrel that caused the Respondent to injure Gbotemi, a one month old baby and the disappearance of the Respondent from the matrimonial home, the Respondent resurfaced in the home only to take all the first two children (Isreal Asiwaju and Joshua Kinbati) away to an unknown place for 2 weeks without the consent and/or knowledge of the Petitioner. This was to inflict mental and psychological torture on the Petitioner.
iii. The Respondent takes pleasure in abusing the Petitioner in the presence of the children and domestic staff of the family by using expletives like “idiot”, “fool” and gleefully uses other indecent and indecorous language on the Petitioner.
iv. The Respondent threatens to send the Petitioner out of the matrimonial home at the slightest opportunity actually sometimes sends her out of the matrimonial home at odd night hours so much so that the Petitioner was living in perpetual fear of being sent out of the matrimonial home.
v. The Respondent threatens the Petitioner that he would shoot her to death and nothing would happen. To show that he had ability to carry out this threat, the Respondent once showed the Petitioner his pistol with live ammunitions.
vi. The Respondent actually pulled a gun on the Petitioner on the 25th September, 2013, and ordered her out of the matrimonial home at gun point. The Respondent flung all the personal effects of the Petitioner out of the matrimonial home in the presence of the domestic staff and subsequently packed some of the items and dumped them at the Petitioner’s Uncle’s house at Life Camp.
vii. The Respondent has cut off all forms of communication between the Petitioner and the children from 25th September, 2013 up to the time of filing this Petition. The Respondent, apart from restraining both physical and telecommunication access to the children, has also warned the authority of the School they attend from allowing the Petitioner access to the Children of the union.
g. The Respondent is canterkerous and quarrelsome.
h. In the course of the marriage, the respondent has shown unquantifiable degree of temper and intolerance.
i. The Respondent has shown a high degree of infidelity and unfaithfulness to the marital vows.
j. The newspapers and internet blogs are replete with the escapades of the Respondent and the most recent of such reports of such philandering attitude is the immoral relationship with a Theatre Practitioner recently which reportedly produced a child for the Respondent.
k. The Respondent is a very violent person who at will uses objects like bottles, knives, planks, etc as weapons against the Petitioner.
l. The Respondent keeps company with women of easy virtue against the wish of the Petitioner.
n. The Respondent willfully disrespects the Petitioner.
a. While the Petitioner is a quiet, easy going, honest, peace loving and home loving person, devoted to her calling, the Respondent is boisterous, canterkerous, dishonest, secretive and flirtatious. He is also boastful and threatens the Petitioner with his gun and his ability to make life unbearable for the Petitioner.
b. While the Petitioner is a generous person, the Respondent is a very greedy and selfish person.
c. While the Petitioner loves children, the Respondent is a very cruel person and practices his cruelty on the Petitioner in the presence of the children and on the children.

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