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November 13, 2013

Topping the agenda of the Presidential Advisory Committee on National Conference in Bauchi, last Saturday, Tindeyatso Women Association, from Taraba State, wants the proposed national dialogue to prohibit prostitution in any form and allow every man in the country to marry four wives, irrespective of religious affiliation

Nigeria Tribune reports that:-
Part of the proposal contained in the group’s memorandum submitted to the Senator Femi Okunrounmu-led presidential advisory committee in Bauchi, declaring that there was an urgent need for prohibition of prostitution to be enshrined in the Nigerian constitution.
The memorandum, presented by Ms Zenum Karima, co-ordinator of Tindeyatso Women Association, averred that with the large population of women in Nigeria, the constitution should empower men, the religion they professed notwithstanding, to marry four wives in order to reduce prostitution among young ladies.
According to the women group, the call for a ban on prostitution became imperative in order to safeguard the future of young Nigerian women.
Meanwhile, over 400 memoranda were received by the presidential advisory committee on the national conference in Bauchi from state governments, individual, groups, traditional councils, non governmental organisations, women groups, youths and religious bodies.
Also, the Bauchi State governor, Mallam Isa Yuguda, at the weekend urged Nigerian leaders to de-emphasise religion, ethnicity and regionalism in their actions, even as he advocated serious sanction, including sack and prosecution, for any leader found flaming the ember of disunity in the country.
This is even as the governor pleaded with Nigerians to make use of the proposed National Conference to negotiate Nigeria’s continuous stay as one united entity in order to achieve peace and development in the country.
These were the submission of the governor when he received members of the Presidential Advisory Committee on the proposed National Conference who paid him a courtesy visit at the Government House, Bauchi, submitting that the decision to organise the conference was a welcomed one.
While commending President Goodluck Jonathan, whom he said “has taken the bull by the horn” for deciding to organize the conference, which Nigerians had been clamouring for fro a long time now, Yuguda admonished that it should be used to resolve issues leading to suspicions among Nigerians.
According to the governor, the National Conference would provide the opportunity for all to re-align with a view to making Nigerians free to live and aspire any office in the country without having a recourse to where the individual came from, saying that, “I dream of a situation where a person from Sokoto, Calabar or any other part of Nigeria can come, live in Bauchi and win a local government council election in Bauchi.”
He declared that Allah had a purpose for keeping the various ethnic nationalities in the country together, noting that, “if God had wished, He would have created us like China, with one of the largest population in the world, have one language, religion and ideology with a sense of strong patriotism. He has a purpose for keeping us in one place called Nigeria which was amalgamated by our colonial masters.”
Yuguda stated that a situation whereby Nigerians suffered deprivations on the account of their tribe and religion was a tragedy for the country, adding that the National Conference ought to be used to settle issues like this.
“A situation where some people believe that once you are a Hausa man, you are a Muslim, but if you are not a Hausa man, you are a Christian, while others believe that once you do not belong to the major tribe, you are not treated well, is a tragedy for Nigeria. This dialogue should sort out all those negative things that are threatening our existence as a people and as a nation,” Governor Yuguda declared.
Speaking earlier, the chairman of the committee, Senator Femi Okurounmu, informed that his committee was in the state to consult with the people on issue bordering on the modalities for holding the National Conference, how it should be structured and what should be discussed at the conference.
He added that the committee was to get the people’s views on issues that would form part of the conference agenda, qualification for a delegate, how many delegates would attend from each state, the life span of the conference and its legal frame work and how decisions taken at the conference will be utilized or made into laws.
“The conference has become necessary to enhance peace, stable nation and to have a prosperous nation,” Okunrounmu said, informing that members of the committee had already visited Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, where views from Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states were collated.

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