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SSS arrests father who kidnapped own 9yr-old- son for money to open Salon for girlfriend!

October 29, 2013

The Department of State Security, Lagos State Command, has arrested a man and his lover for allegedly organising the kidnap of his nine-year-old son in order to raise money for his girlfriend’s hair dressing salon.
The man, Adeyinka Adebayo, and his girlfriend, Alonge, were said to have organised the kidnap of the little boy to make money.
The man, who was paraded with his lover at the SSS office in Shangisha, Lagos State by the State Director of the SSS, Victor Olaye-Achu, explained that his girlfriend sold the idea of kidnapping his only son to him.
Adebayo said: “It’s true, I kidnapped my son.
“My girlfriend has some problems and she demanded for money.
“I told her I did not have and she suggested we should kidnap my son.
“I bought the idea.
“I said it’s a good deal as my church members and friends would assist.
“Alonge wanted to kidnap him in the school but I told her not to do it there as it may backfire.
“So she picked him in my house in Lagos and took him to Ilesha in Osun State.
“I sent her N3,500 recharge cards, which she sold, and used the proceeds to buy food, which she used in feeding
herself and my son.
“I also paid for her transportation.
“To make the kidnapping look genuine, I reported the ‘kidnap’ to the police and the SSS, unaware that I was digging my grave.
“My church members and friends rallied round me.
“They paid in some money.
“My problem was that I have no bank account and my girlfriend has none too.
“I contacted one of my friends whom I lied to, that some of my friends wanted to give me money.
“He gave me his account number, while I told my girlfriend to do the negotiation.
“We started with N350,000, but we later agreed for N250,000, which my church members and other sympathizers paid into the account.
“It was when we went to cash the money that we were arrested.
“I feel very much sorry because I extorted my friends and church members.
“I feel ashamed that I kidnapped my son.
“I know he will never forgive me if he knows that I arranged his kidnap.
“I think the Devil used the girl to bring shame to me.”
Alonge denied selling such an idea to her lover.
She said: “My boyfriend called me that he had an idea on how to raise money for my salon and his vulganizing job.
“I played along with him.
“I’m surprised that he is saying that I brought the idea.
“He did and I played the game the way he dictated.”
Olaye-Achu warned members of public on the way they pay ransom to kidnappers, adding that the Command received a report from Adebayo that his son, Emmanuel, was kidnapped in his house on Solomon Street, Ilu-Nla, Aradagun, in Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos State and the command swung into action.
Olaye-Achu said investigators confirmed the kidnap of the little boy by one Kehinde Alonge, who had demanded for a ransom of N350,000 and that the money should be paid into UBA account number 2050908899.
The account was later discovered to be owned by one Faloye.
He revealed that Faloye and Alonge were arrested at Ilesha, Osun State while trying to collect the ransom.
According to him, during interrogation, Alonge confessed that she abducted the boy and further revealed that she was lured to do so by Adebayo.
He said following the confession of Alonge, the father of the victim was arrested and surprisingly, he admitted using Alonge to abduct his son with a view to use the incident to extort money from sympathizers and friends.

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