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Man Who Calls Himself God, Kills 70 Year Old Man for Being ‘The Devil’

October 24, 2013

By Nigel Boys
Zachery Joseph Cooper, from Denver, Colorado, allegedly killed a 70-year-old man by bludgeoning him to death with a baseball bat because he thought the man was the Devil and he apparently told his mother he had done it because he thought he was God.
According to the Denver Post, Cooper, 25, was arrested last Tuesday. He allegedly beat 70 year old Tony Morales to death with a baseball bat. Cooper allegedly claimed that he was God and the man he killed was the Devil.
Cooper’s mother, Janet Segura, had been taking care of Morales and Cooper had been living at home with her after being recently discharged from the military. Cooper also reportedly suffers from mental illness.
According to paramedics who responded to the scene, apart from being beaten to death with a baseball bat, Morales had also had his throat slit.
Segura said that when she returned home to the house she shares with Cooper, after shopping for two hours, she found him naked and bloodied and repeating that he was God and was in Heaven.
According to Cooper’s arrest affidavit, Segura called 911 and when dispatchers arrived on the scene, they found that Morales throat had also been slit.
Reportedly Morales was an elderly family friend who lived with Cooper and Segura and they both knew him as “Uncle Tony.” Segura was also taking care of the elderly Morales.
Segura reportedly told detectives that Cooper suffered from mental health problems which included delusional feelings. Cooper had been discharged from the military earlier this year.
Segura went on to say that Cooper suffers from psychosis because of combat action he saw while serving in the military, although she did not state which branch of the military he had served in.
According to neighbors, they had seen Cooper naked outside Segura’s house about one hour before the police arrived. They also said that Morales was a kind old man who could often be seen tending his garden or working in his yard.
Cooper was arrested, charged with first-degree murder and detained in the Downtown Denver Detention Center without bail.
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