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October 14, 2013

I keep staring at the mirror these days. Was that really a wrinkle…no, were those truly creases?
Its 4am again. She wakes up wearily. This 15yr-old doesn’t need an alarm, she has a working clock in her head. No matter how deep the sleep, she hears the tick in her dream. She startles not out of bed, she is quite used to the silent ‘tick-tuck’ now. It has ingrained itself into her consciousness since the family went into the bakery business. Hard work. Such hard work for an existence. Everybody works. Dad, mum, brothers, sister…they all handled different departments of the business. It is a hard life for a school girl but she loves it as they all do. Nigerians love to work hard. Parents just like hers everyday drum the values of hard work and honesty into their children’s brains until they become weary with the message. The Nigeria she is growing up in, the Nigeria where she cannot wait to grow up into a full, independent adult!
I wake up this morning, weary, lethargic and dour. Going back to sleep is not an option, it has never been in my mostly adventurous and sometimes exiting life. Do I still want to marry the president? NO. Do I still want OBJ as president to come sleep with me? OH NO! What would that do for me now, how will that enhance mankind and more importantly, I have come to the full realisation that no matter how hard I try, no matter how hard I desire change, no matter how deeply I write, the humour is all but lost on a people hard hearted and humourless. My satire is lost all of the time, the president probably read and laughed, OBJ may have read and exclaimed, ‘’Oh, that one, she’s a mad woman’’! I can see guffaws and snickering from the palace clowns! Here, in a land where kings and clowns dine on the same table.
I am all but grown up, growing old wearily and wondering where went the years. The wrinkles are here at last. I have never tried to fight them…not for me the beauty agents and wild products which promise eternal youth, not for me some Dr. Ray 90210 who gets stupendously rich building plastic dulls out of living beings, not for me pancakes and false lashes. Yes, I see the wrinkles, I am but human and I am a bit worried; why not, I have been desired and escorted by most noble me…well, they did seem noble at the time, now you’ll do well to remember ‘’judge not’’ as the Bible cautions… yep; every woman would worry some, but am I overtly bothered by these fine lines on my face? Not in the least. I still see the beauty in my soul, that beautiful soul which woke me up in the early hours those years gone so swiftly by, that beautiful soul through which I chose a worthy career to serve the people through my writing and my reporting, that beautiful soul which many saw and tapped into. Same soul I possess today, same soul which will ensure me a beautiful tomorrow. Here already is my beautiful tomorrow…welcome wrinkles and creases for I shall wear you with dignity and pride!

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  1. Adisa Balogun permalink

    My dear Moji you can reverse that by eating a lot of veggie, cucumber, carrots, salads, pickles, asparagus, olives. Just to mention some few that will freeze the coming of wrinkles.

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