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October 10, 2013

Afenifere Renewal Group would like to reiterate its endorsement of President Goodluck Jonathan’s inauguration of an advisory committee on national conference.
A statement signed by Publicity Secretary of the group, Mr. Kunle Famoriyo noted that inauguration of the committee signals a move, if the intention is genuine, towards resolving the critical nation-building challenges confronting this country.

Nigerians have relentlessly canvassed for dialogue, and over the years, especially in view of the fact that the problems of the country continue to multiply, this decision by the president should be seen as a welcome development.
Being an unwavering advocate – definitely the loudest in the country – of such a platform that allows Nigerians to examine its basis of existence, ARG cannot but now avail the committee its full support and avail it of its vast library of materials that can guide the committee towards a successful deliberation.

However, we are not unmindful of certain doubts about the President’s motive, which some have even described as less than wholesome
ARG believes such doubts are not unfounded, emanating from deceits of past leaders. Even some of the past actions of the President himself have hardly engendered confidence. All we can say for now is that: it is left for President Jonathan to decide if he would like to be remembered for any worthy legacy.

For us in ARG, we are accepting this offer on its face value, and wish to enjoin everyone to do so, believing it would lead Nigeria to that much-desired destination. The outcome of this move might really be beyond the president, as it is about the collective yearnings of the generality of the people of this country.

This is our expectation, which we believe is shared by millions of Nigerians. We want to emphasise that it is this expectation, not the presidential mandate, that places a huge responsibility on the shoulders of this committee’s members and we urge them not to disappoint Nigerians.
But we must not only expect, we must also work tirelessly and put the members of this committee on their toes. We must let them realise how much the survival and future prosperity of this nation require that they do the right thing.

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