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Prince Harry murder plot revealed by Taliban, who confirm they tried to kill him in Afghanistan

October 8, 2013

In this image released on January 21, 2013, Prince Harry makes early morning checks as he sits on an Apache helicopter at the British controlled flight-line at Camp Bastion on December 12, 2012 in Afghanistan. He was serving until January this year

Taliban member Qari Bashir has claimed Prince Harry was a prime target in a new interview

Rebel leaders were determined to take out the fourth in line to the throne
Veteran Taliban commander chillingly said it was ‘good luck’ nothing happened to Harry
News comes as he tours Sydney on behalf of the Queen

A Taliban war lord has told how Prince Harry was the prime target for fanatical fighters while he was serving in Afghanistan, including a number of plots to either kill or kidnap him.

The startling revelations emerged today as Prince Harry was surrounded by heavy security in Sydney, where he is representing the Queen at a review of naval ships on Sydney harbor.

As the fourth in line to the throne remained under heavy protection – including police commandos in rubber dinghies as standard procedure – alarming claims were made that Prince Harry was a constant target for Taliban fighters while he was serving in Afghanistan.

The Taliban insurgent, Qari Nasrullah, made it clear that Prince Harry was not looked upon as the son of the Queen of England.

‘As far as the Mujahideen were concerned, he was just an ordinary soldier who was fighting for America,’ Nasrullah told The Daily Mirror in a secret interview in Pakistan.

‘This is how we view him.

‘He may well be a Prince in Britain, but to us he is merely a common soldier.

‘There were many plans to capture him but – maybe it was his good luck – he managed to escape.’

During his first tour as an infantryman Prince Harry had to be recalled for his own safety when it was leaked that he was serving in Afghanistan.

He completed his second tour as part of 662 Squadro, 3 Regiment, Army Air Corps at the end of last year.

He had been in Afghanistan for just a few days before the main UK base Camp Bastian was attacked by suicide bombers.

Ground forces charged at the desert perimeter, firing rock-propelled grenades and Soviet-make AK47 assault rifles.

Although it is believed Harry was off duty at the time, the battle continued for four hours resulting in the deaths of two US servicemen and the destruction of several planes and helicopters.

Nasrullah, his face covered by a scarf, asked in the secret Mirror interview why the British people did not take notice of the suffering of children in Kunar province as a result of NATO air strikes.

And he wondered why many marriage ceremonies were bombarded.

While the new revelations that the Taliban had planned to kill or kidnap Prince Harry would not have reached the ears of security officials responsible for the royal visitor’s safety in Australia before he began his official duties today, no chances were being taken in any case.

Members of the Royal family remain a constant target for fanatics of all types and they remain under guard whenever they are out in public.

When Prince Harry began his duties – inspecting an international fleet of warships joining in the celebrations for the Australian navy’s 100th birthday – armed plain clothes police and security experts mingled with the thousands who had gathered around Sydney harbour’s foreshores.


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