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Leave Jonathan alone, he’s not the one killing our children – CAN tells Northern Governors

October 6, 2013

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has called on the Northern Governors to shift their focus from the 2015 election and begin to tackle the activities of the Boko Haram sects that have taken over the region.

The General Secretary of CAN, Dr. Musa Asake, told PUNCH, that it was unfortunate that Northern Governors were wasting energy on stopping President Goodluck Jonathan from running for a second term, while thousands were dying in their states due to Boko Haram attacks.

He said, “For us in CAN, we don’t understand why the attacks started again. We were still celebrating and thanking God that things were calming down, only for this kind of mad killings to occur. I don’t understand how a human being will walk into a school when students were sleeping and slaughtered them. There is no justification for that. We condemn that killing in its totality.

“After over 50 students were slaughtered, I expected that Northern Governors do not go to sleep; I expected them to work day and night until they fish out the perpetrators of the crime.
But it appears they are only concerned about how they want the next President to come from the North. The whole of their energy is spent on 2015 and making sure that Jonathan does not get a second term. Is Jonathan our problem in the North? Is Jonathan the one killing our children?”

Speaking further, Asake said CAN believes that the problem of insecurity could be solved if Northern leaders hold meetings and develop a strategy to tackle it.

He opined that the army should look into its ranks to fish out soldiers who might be aiding the activities of the Boko Haram, noting that defeating the sect had been difficult because of some “enemies” within the army.

“We applaud the army because they have really done their best to stop the killings. But with the recent attacks, army that is now in control in those states, should wake up and look within themselves. From what we hear, some of them wear army uniform. I know the military is trying its best, but these people are out-smarting them in some areas,” he said.
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