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Woman Seeks Control of Husband’s Salary in Kaduna

September 16, 2013

The Magajin Gari Sharia Court II, Kaduna on Monday ordered a `house wife’ and her parents to appear before it on Sept. 24, for marrying a comatose husband.
Hadiza Mainasara of Kabala Costain, Kaduna had gone to the court asking it to direct the younger brother of `her husband’ to be remitting the salary of her sick husband to her.
The court was told that Mainasara, the husband had been in a vegetative state for five years and throughout the period, Badamasi Ahmad, the younger brother had been collecting his monthly salary without remitting anything to her.
The court was, however, taken aback when in his testimony, the defendant said the woman, who was divorced from her husband, only returned to the matrimonial home a year ago.
Ahmad said since her return, he has been giving her N60,000 monthly from the salary as directed by his father.

Source: Infomation Nigeria

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