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[PICTURE] This 12-year-old House Maid was tortured with a Pressing Iron by an immigration officer

July 8, 2013

He asked her to prepare a meal of rice but the poor girl seemed to have taken too long to get it done. She is only 12 years old, an age considered in many homes to be too young for such a responsibility.
But for Mr. Yemi Sunday Afolayan, an Immigration Officer, the delay was an unpardonable offence and deserving of strong reprimand.
In what is yet to be properly explained, the father of five is alleged to have pounced on the girl, identified as Favour Emmanuel, tied her up and inflicted several bodily injuries on her with a hot pressing iron.
The Police as well as officials of the Ministry of Women Affairs in Kwara State, confirmed the story. But Afolyan denied all the claims, arguing that “the girl was only being naughty.”  The Ministry is now giving custody to the girl.
According to Afolayan, contrary to claims by Favour before investigators, she is not considered a house help in the family, since she hails from the same community in the Eastern part of the country with his wife.
Asked how the young girl got the wounds on her body, Afolyan said:  “She said when she was running out of the house. Maybe she got it before she got here, may be on the street. I told you I’m a father myself and I wouldn’t do that to any child. I wanted to scold her while she was ironing and she ran out but I got burnt on my left thigh. I feel that was a mistake by her, maybe when she was running out but I didn’t burn her with iron.”
In her account of the incident, Favour insisted that Afolayan asked her to prepare rice. When it was taking too long for the food to be ready he first beat her mercilessly and later tied her up and used an electric pressing iron to inflict all the injuries on her.
Some neighbours of the Afolyans corroborated the girl’s claims. Although they asked not to be identified in the press, the neighbours alleged that the manner the girl had always been treated by the family was far from being human but as they were not party to her coming to live there, they could not challenge the couple. It was after one of them summoned the courage to inform officials of the Ministry of Women Affairs that the case came into the limelight.
Meanwhile, Favour is currently at the Children Reception Centre, Gaa Akanbi, owned by the Kwara State Government.
Idris Bell

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