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Police to phase out black uniform -FG approves N1.7 billion for purchase of new ones

July 2, 2013

There are indications that the Federal Government has given approval for the phasing out of the police black uniform.
The uniform had been in existence for over 30 years, until recently a new blue and camouflage uniform was introduced as service dresses for the force.
Informed police source, disclosed to the, that the Presidency has already approved the sum of N1.7 billion for the bulk purchase of the uniform for Officers and rank and file.
It was gathered that one of the reason for the phasing out of the uniform is that it portrays hatredness and wickedness for the police as anything black is said to portend evil.
So many reasons adduced for the phasing out of the black uniform include not being environmentally friendly.
According to the source, the black uniform by its nature attracts the ultra violent rays, which causes serious skin burn on policemen, this is because Nigeria being close to the equator, makes the weather to be very hot and as the temperature is always hot, black does not repel heat but absorbs it.
Other reasons the source revealed include security reasons, as black connotes ubiquitous, like mourning and used for so many purposes, because of these, it is easily available to buy and therefore abused.
However, force spokesman, CSP Frank Mba who confirmed the phasing out of the black uniform said it will be done in phases, and gave part of the reason as reducing the chances of criminals counterfeiting it.
He said that as part of the security measures to check the abuse of the new uniform, all police uniforms coming in will have security features, and this will checkmate criminals faking it.
Mba added that International best practices worldwide shows that blue is regarded as police colour, hence the adoption of the practice.
He said that it will help in international branding in peace support operations..CKN

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