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July 2, 2013

That Jonathan has powerful and evil enemies is an understatement. That Jonathan was slow at cutting his enemies to size is a fact. That Jonathan’s enemies have grown into hydra-headed monsters is the truest truism. This matter of the gruesome killing of 10 Yoruba traders is worrisome. This may be the beginning of the end for my country. Just when we thought Boko Haram had been contained, this disturbing news comes forth this morning. What really and who really is Boko Haram? I still cannot put a face, a name, a cause or an ideology to the phantom. Jonathan says he knows them, that as a matter of fact they had once invaded his government, yet they remain faceless. Like some kind of invisible predator, they devour lives and drink hundreds of gallons of blood, yet they are intangible, unconquerable and elusive. We fear them because we do not really know what to make of them. We know they are enemies yet we hear they must be appeased. Now and then a few are arrested, now and then the amnesty committee jaw-jaws with them. What do they want, who are they after? It may not be you and I after all. It is Jonathan they want. They want to see him destroyed. This is a war between two powerful blocks. The president and his enemies and everybody is expendable!
Now, Jonathan seems to be winning the war with the might of his army. Even the people have taken to the streets hunting for the dreaded sect members, the other side has read defeat, so this recent killing is surely a strategy to take the heat off the hare, turn the hounds on a new prey…I fear it is a great strategy…that is if the Yorubas react. Any form of retaliation now will take the heat off Boko Haram. For all you care, te perpetrators of this heinous crime may not be members of the sect. There are many haters of Jonathan evil enough to do this just to ferment trouble and mayhem. The Yorubas must not allow themselves to be led into a tribal onslaught! They must tread carefully…I plead with them to employ wisdom in dealing with this outrageous situation. The blood shed is enough, the enemies of Jonathan must not relish us as game also!

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  1. sirbella permalink

    Well said.

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