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MOJI DANISA re-surfaces with PAPARAZZI

June 25, 2013

Nigerias Empress of gossip journalism, Ms. Moji Danisa returns to her comfort zone with PAPARAZZI. Paparrazzi is a political gossip weekly tabloid which contents shall be all things politics and politicians. The tabloid is expected to make a category seven hurricane debut in ten days with a smashing must read editorial contents, presentation and production finesse. The tabloid is stategically located in Nigerias political sin city, Abuja. Aso rock and all the politicians that dwell in this sin city and throughout the landscape of our dear native land are anxiously and desperately awaiting Ms. Danisas first shock and awe paparazzi reports. Ms. Danisa has gone rogue with Paparazzi promising fresh and surprising politicians and politics news whenever and wherever it happens. “We will uncover the covered because whether we like it or dislike it, every society has a right to know about its leaders, administrators and managers of our lives and nation”. Stick and Stay for more soon. From d JEJE MI NI MOJOKO MEDIA.

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