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12 Reasons Why Men Cheat!

June 18, 2013

1. Some men cheat because they had the options of not getting better sex offer as often as women, so when opportunity arises else where, it can be very difficult for them to turn it down because he sees it as once-in-a-lifetime occasion that might never be available again.
2. Sometimes men no longer feel like they are attractive to the opposite sex, but when a woman shows some interest, not only does a man react, he may allow her to stroke his ego and more and when they get reward for their efforts, their egos swell even larger.
3. Maybe the two of you didn’t have as much in common (compatible) as he thought and later met a woman who has more in common with him who loves football, music, movies or plays golf etc. He may check out if he is compatible with her under the sheets also.
4. Men will sometimes cheat to get away/escape from domestic hell of headache of an overly critical or argumentative partner who nags, fight and squabbles because they felt it works better than aspirin.
5. Sometimes men become so uncomfortable in a relationship & don’t know how to get out just because of the love he has for his children or financial reasons. However, they feel like they are missing out on love and may seek it out elsewhere as they can get.
6. If a man has a disinterested partner or isn’t getting enough sex to fulfill him or that the sex has become boring and she doesn’t want to try new things in bed, there is a good chance for him to have an affair because they want to try new sexual things that their current partner cannot offer.
7. A man will sometimes cheat if he finds out his partner was cheating on him. So to heal those hurt feelings, he goes out to seek sex else where.
8. Some men get tired of having steak for dinner every night and want to try a hamburger. The same goes for sex with a woman. That’s why men don’t necessarily always cheat with women who are more attractive than their partners.
9. lack of effective communication also tears relationship apart;
10. If a man has the attitude of “what she doesn’t know, won’t hurt her,” he may cheat to see if he is sneaky and smart enough to get away with it.  But be careful, because women get more sophisticated with detecting by boosting their network of spies.
11. If you have forgiven a cheating man a couple of times, they are more likely to go back and cheat again because they already know if they plead enough, we (women) will forgive them.
12. Long-term relationships have the annoying habit of making people lazy, they no longer concerned theirselves with staying fit and attractive. A committed woman might lose the allure she once had and her man may simply not find her beautiful anymore, and making love to her will not be as stirring as it was before.

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