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The Politricks of Gay Marriage – By Josef Omorotionmwan

June 13, 2013

WHETHER  by accident or design, just about when Monsieur Vincent Autin, 40, and Monsieur Bruno Boileau, 30, (Mr. & Mr.?) were being wedded as husband and wife in far away France, in what has become the country’s first gay marriage, the House of Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was also applying the last six-inch ban nail on the coffin of gay marriages in Nigeria.

That also goes down as one of the bold initiatives of our Federal Legislature in recent times.

Apparently, the West had become overbearing, to the extent that the rest of the world must be coerced into supporting even their propensity for evil.

Close to 53 years after her nominal Independence, so to say, Nigeria’s annual Balance Sheet is still prepared in Washington, DC. Even in the area of our much-touted oil wealth, when the multi-nationals sneeze, Nigeria catches cold because they hold the key to that industry. Our Production Accountant could as well be in the Netherlands. Is it not also true that in the area of record keeping, the daily production quota is what the multi-nationals say it is, particularly in the face of the un-auditable records of our own Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC?

The West carries its overbearing attitude through all aspects of our lives. At the social spectrum, for instance, the West insists on determining everything: We must eat what they eat and forbid what they forbid. Until recently, priesthood was the exclusive preserve of the Whiteman. “I say see Father, you say see oyibo?” was a tacit acceptance of this. We must worship the God they worship. Otherwise, we face the harsh punishment prescribed by them for non-adherence. We may not be allowed to pick the crumbs that fall from their breakfast tables.

When they decide to sleep around with goats and dogs, we must also do the same. When they suddenly turn homosexual, we must quickly bury our heterosexual instincts. Otherwise, as a matter of deliberate policy, there will be no more funding for our projects. That explains why recently, the US and UK issued death threats on aids to Nigeria.

At a point, Nigeria got sick and tired of the whole nonsense and it was time to tell the West to take its financial assistance and shove it! The Bill on the Prohibition of Gay Marriages provided an opportunity for the National Assembly to pour out her invectives on the West for poking its big nose in our affairs.

The need for efficiency and order is a powerful weapon against an obstreperous nation’s conscience to maintain her ethical autonomy. By ethical autonomy, we mean the willingness to assert one’s own principled judgement, even when that entails violating rules, values and perceptions of others.

A nation is ethically autonomous to the extent that it sticks to its guns about what it thinks, hears, sees and feels, even where to do so puts the nation in conflict with other nations.

We soon got to the point where the National Assembly realised that they must act forcefully to prevent the further embezzlement of public trust. They came out with a law that was made into watertight compartment. Have you ever seen a law into which sufficient rage was built? The Same-sex Marriage Prohibition Law is one such law. It provides a classical case of Black awakening in a White world.

The vexed legislators did not care if aspects of the law carried punishments that could amount to double jeopardy. The law is so tight that there is no escaping it from head to toe. It prescribes a 14-year jail term, without a fine option, for anyone involved in a gay marriage. Not only that. The law also slams a 10-year jail term without an option of fine on members of gay associations, gay clubs and all persons who engage in gay processions.

There are those who would want to break a law and willingly accept the punishment prescribed for that law.

I remember my friend, Wolfgang, who lived in a remote part of Munich, Germany. Wolfgang shared a common boundary with the Council authorities. On this boundary, there was a tree that the Council liked but which Wolfgang hated. He wanted to cut down the tree. They told him that if he brought down the tree they would send him to jail for three months. He did and they did. Wolfgang earlier informed us that he had accumulated his annual leave for the purpose of going to serve a jail term for cutting down the tree. We sent him forth. This is also the limit of ethical autonomy.

Those who think that gay couples in Nigeria could escape under this, namely, contract the marriage, go to prison for 14 years, after which they will come and enjoy their marriage, should wait till they hear the provisions of Section 5 (3) of the Bill: “Any person or group that witnesses, abets and aids same sex marriage shall be liable on conviction to a term of 10 years imprisonment”.

What this means is that you may not even get there. The Pastor who contracted such marriage, the choir that ministered at the wedding, the Master of Ceremony at the reception, the Editor of the media house that published the notice of such marriage, all those who attended the wedding, are all accomplices and they must go to prison for 10 years without an option of fine.

Could you go to any of the countries in the West and do your wedding in just the same way as Nigerians now rush to Dubai and other places for normal marriages? Of course, you could go to the West and enter into your gay marriage but you would have to remain in the West for the rest of your life. The law provides that certificates of gay marriages issued in foreign countries shall be void in Nigeria. It is that serious!


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